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March 10, 2013
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The-Blue-Tides | Coalstar | Leader of WindClan WIP by indesomniac The-Blue-Tides | Coalstar | Leader of WindClan WIP by indesomniac
For :iconthe-blue-tides:.

I've been seeing this group appear in my news-feed a lot and it looks amazing, so I caved in and made a character.

update 11/29/14 : since there's a new app, there should be new info !! nvn

Current Name: Coalstar
    Prefix: Coal : given to him for his dark, charcoal hued pelt.
    Suffix: Star : general suffix given to all Clan leaders.
    Past-Suffix: Gaze : named for his bright, glowing amber eyes which are one of his most noticeable traits.
Previous Names: Coalkit, Coalpaw, Coalgaze.
Nicknames: Coal, Honey [Earthfang], Coolscar.
Gender: Tom | Male.
Age: approx. 33 moons.
    Birthday: January 15, 2012.
    Birth Season: Late leaf-bare, early new-leaf.
Clan: WindClan.
    Bloodline: Full-blooded WindClan.
    Rank: Leader.

Lives: 8/9 : Patience [Crowfeather], Strength [Sandspot], Trust [Longtail], Determination [Mudclaw], Compassion [Fawnstar], Companionship [Onestar], Loyalty [Heathertail], Hope [Tallstar], and a Mothers Love [Rabbitear].
  • Lost first life from bleeding to death after receiving his large, unsightly scars across his neck.

Mentor: Minkstreak.
Current Apprentice: formally Marshpaw, though was relinquished to ___ for the rest of his training due to injuries.
Past Apprentice[s]: Duskpaw.

|| Physical Information ||

Breed: American Shorthair Mix || Burmese - 30% | Bombay - 20% | Australian Mist - 25% | Other-Unknown - 25%
Body Type: Slender and well defined - given his WindClan heritage and breed, Coalstar has a very elegant and refined body with well-defined muscles. His legs are rather long in comparison to his body which allows him to sprint across distances with a much greater ease. He has a very angular face from his fathers side with rather well defined cheek-bones.
  • Four large scars around the back of neck - given to Coalstar just recently by a badger who had been claiming its territory for hibernation - also noted this was the same badger which took his sons life.
Fur Description: Short and smooth - his bloodline consisting of only shorthaired felines, Coalstar is no exception. His fur is short and holds close to his frame which helps define his body-features to a more noticeable extent and it's not uncommon to see his ribcage through his fur -- he is not underfed, he will assure that this is merely because of his well-kept coat. Due to careful grooming from both he and his mate, Coalstar's fur is very glossy and smooth which helps with aerodynamics.
Eyes: Bright amber-copper mix - the most noticeable trait of the tom is his shocking bright eyes which are the hues of fire. When he were younger, Coalstar would use them to help show his authority and stature, though he feels that such action is not necessary anymore and any looks of such are generally accidental.
Scent: Aside from the general scent of the moors all WindClanners possess, Coalstar also smells much like morning dew from his early-morning strolls.

Voice: Calm and smooth, notably deep undertones - all his life, one thing which Coalstar was rather grateful for was his smooth tone when he spoke and while his lean stature may not have been very impressive, his voice was. Carrying a deeper undertone even when he was still an apprentice, the tom was always able to sound older than he was.
   Example: Kakashi Hatake - Naruto.

|| Stats ||

[ out of 30 ]

Strength: ●●●○○○○○○○
Attack: ●●●●●○○○○○
Speed: ●●●●●●●●○○
Endurance: ●●●●●●●○○○
Tactics: ●●●●●●●●○○

Swimming: ●●●●●○○○○○
Jumping: ●●●●●●●○○○
Climbing: ●●●●●○○○○○
Stealth: ●●●●●●●●○○
Herbal Knowledge: ●●●●○○○○○○
Kitting Knowledge: ●○○○○○○○○○

|| Personality ||

[ Calm | Collected | Quick-tempered | Sarcastic | Protective | Keen | Polite | Diplomatic | Depressed | Cynical | Busy | Formal | Moralistic | Proud | Socially Inept ]

[ Calm ] "Hm? No, I see no reason to raise my voice - we are having a simple discussion and that is all and I would appreciate for you to refrain from raising yours as well."
[ Synonyms : cool | composed | relaxed | unruffled ]


[Collected ] "I'm fine, really, just give me a moment to sort things through and I'll be right with you."
[ synonyms : together | tranquil | unfazed | poised ]


[ Quick-tempered ] "Say one more thing and I'll give you something to shout about!"
[ synonyms : irritable | crabby | snappish | volatile ]


[ Sarcastic ] "Oh suuure, just watch as I run away in fear from a little apprentice."
[ synonyms : smart-alec | snappy | snide | ironic ]


[ Protective ] "Don't you dare take one step closer to her."
[ synonyms : defensive | parental | guarding | safeguarding ]


[ Keen ] "Don't think I don't know what you're up to."
[ synonyms : sharp | intelligent | perceptive | insightful ]


[ Polite ] "Sorry, I see you're busy - i'll come back another time."
[ synonyms : civil | diplomatic | mannerly | gentlemanly ]


[ Diplomatic ] "Please, we mean no trouble, just allow us to pass through and I promise it won't happen again."
[ synonyms : strategic | calculating | peaceful | courteous ]


[ Depressed ] "I... I'll be out in a moment, just give me a second, please."
[ synonyms : despondent | morose | melancholic | dispirited ]


[ Cynical ] "That's just how the world works."
[ synonyms : skeptical | doubtful | wry | ironic ]


[ Busy ] "I'm sorry, honey, but that's going to have to wait a while -- I have things to tend to at the moment."
[ synonyms : swamped | engaged | active | working ]


[ Formal ] "Good day, Pallidstar, all is going well in ShadowClan, I hope?"
[ synonyms : exact | polite | proper | official ]


[ Moralistic ] "I'm doing what's right for my family and my Clan."
[ synonyms : principled | just | honorable | conscientious ]


[ Proud ] "I couldn't be more proud of you, dear."
[ synonyms : appreciative | content | gratified | arrogant ]


[ Socially Inept ] "Er-- sorry, I don't really know what you want me to say."
[ synonyms : awkward | strange | silent | poor conversationalist ]


[ Overall ]

Positive traits:
- Calm.
- Collected.
- Polite.
- Diplomatic.
- Keen.

Neutral traits:
- Sarcastic.
- Protective.
- Formal.
- Moralistic.
- Proud.

Negative traits:
- Quick-tempered.
- Depressed.
- Cynical.
- Busy.
- Socially Inept.

| Family |

Mother: Rabbitear - a brown speckled she-cat with long, shaded ears and amber-green eyes [deceased].
Father: Midnightfur - a lean, dark-grey tom with long-lanky limbs and bright golden eyes [retired].

Siblings: Frecklepelt - a dusty-brown she-cat with long ears, dark freckles and friendly amber eyes [active].
Grasstail - a small brown she-cat with darker brown limbs and a long furred tail which trails behind her as she walks [active].

Uncles (mom side): Finchleap - a well-muscled, dusty coloured tom with pointed ears and a white underbelly [active].
Aunts (mom side): none.

Uncles (dad side): Breezepelt - a small and sleek black tom with scouring amber eyes [deceased].
Aunts (dad side): Jasminestep - a thin, off-black she-cat with bright sky blue eyes [retured].

Cousins (mom side): None.

Cousins (dad side): Adderbite - a large brown tabby tom with blue eyes and a spiky mane [active].

Grandmother (mom side): Dottedheart - a small speckled brown she-cat with spring green eyes [deceased].
Grandfather (mom side): Unknown - Dottedheart's mate was never disclosed to the Clan.

Grandmother (dad side): Nightcloud - a strong black she-cat with deep amber eyes [deceased].
Grandfather (dad side): Crowfeather - a small, sleek smoky grey tom with bright blue eyes and long limbs [deceased].

Mate: Earthfang - a beautiful dark-brown she-cat with caramel tipped cheeks, paws, and tail with brilliant blue eyes [active].
Kits: Crowplume - a dark grey tomcat with darker markings, a white paw and blue eyes [active].
Berrypaw - a small dark brown she-kit with a nicked ear and darker spots with dark markings under her blue eyes [active].
Petalpaw - a dark brown she-kit with tabby markings and a pointed face [active].
Puddlekit - a dark grey-brown she-kit with tortoiseshell markings on her tail and face [deceased].
Inkstreak - a dark grey tom with scars covering his body, a broken arm, with tabby stripes, lighter paws and a white tipped paws with a small white diamond on his forehead.

| Sexual Orientation |

Mate: Closed - Earthfang.
S.O.: Heterosexual.
Activity: Non-virgin; was never particularly active by choice, though he and Earthfang had bared a litter together and are planning on having another.

[ removed extra information as it is no longer needed uwu ]

| Biography |

 it didn't fit so go here >>>> The-Blue-Tides : Coalstar's Biography :WIP: <<<< thank you !!

| Relationships |

Bullet; Purple = Family
Bullet; Yellow = Respect Bullet; YellowBullet; Yellow = Admire
Bullet; Blue = Acquaintance Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue = Friend
Bullet; Green = Good friend Bullet; GreenBullet; Green = Best friend
Bullet; Pink = Crush Bullet; PinkBullet; Pink = (forming) Love Heart = Mate
Bullet; Black = Uncertainty Bullet; BlackBullet; Black = Uneasiness.
Bullet; Red = Discomfort/Dislike Bullet; RedBullet; Red = Hate
Bullet; Orange Irritated/Annoyed by Bullet; OrangeBullet; Orange = Jealous of
Bullet; White = Fear

X = No longer feels this way.
striked = Dead.

[ Bullets ] [ Name w/ Ref ] [ Roleplayer ] [ Thoughts ]

[ this will be moved elsewhere ]

| Extra Information |
● Growing up, Coalstar had never been very good at keeping a conversation and that fact hasn't changed yet.
● Despite being leader of his Clan, Coalstar isn't known for lunging at stray cats found on his territory and most often gives them the time to explain themselves before taking action.
● When he's not coped up in a den, it's easiest to find the dark leader either with his family or out in the fields by himself.
● Since becoming leader, Coalstar has found himself busier and busier with life and hardly has time to sleep.
● Coalstar blames himself for his sons condition and would do anything to fix his relationship with his family.
● Theme Song: El Paradiso - < artist unknown >
● Favorites :
    Prey: Starling.
    Season: Leaf-fall.
    Time of Day: Evening or early morning.
    Colour: Light blue and shades of orange.
    Scent: The morning dew clinging to the grass in the morning.
    Place: In the middle of an open field during a windy day.
    Activity: Taking walks.

| Likes |

| Dislikes |

| Fears |

| Roleplay Example |

Leaving camp, the dark tom wondered if he were doing the right thing. Sure, Earthfang was going to worry when she awakes to find him not there beside her, but he knew he wouldn't feel better until he at least spoke with the cat who had terrified and attacked his family. Although he wouldn't admit it to anyone who asked, Coalgaze had never been in any large fights before and couldn't say he had any major enemies.. well, until now. Despite the fact he had never truly met the Tiger before, he has heard the stories and saw what kind of things he can do for absolutely no reason at all. Attacking a she-cat is one thing, but also threatening her young kit? That was taking things way too far, even for a cat with his kind of reputation. The tom continue padding through the tall grass, only accompanied by the soft, satisfying crunch the grass made as he pressed on. He tried to think back to the gatherings to recall if he had ever seen the battle-scarred cat and was able to remember the large tom quite well. Against the fact there were so many cats at the gatherings, Tigersun was always very easy to spot; his large, golden tabby figure sticking out like a sore thumb. Keeping his pace slow, Coalgaze though up multiple strategies he could use if things came to it. The tiger-like tom was surely twice his size or larger, so his hits would sting and possibly knock him off his paws, so the dark tom knew the only advantage he would have is his impeccable speed. He wasn't a very hard-hitter himself, but he figured he would be able to stand his ground so long as he avoided as many hits as possible. As he planned out tactics, his mind started to roam and shuddered at the thought of having as many enemies as the golden tom must have. He's obviously able to fend them off, but the black feline didn't want to think about what it would be like to worry about being attacked at any given moment.
A smooth, rushing sound echoed from the grasslands ahead of him as his mind was brought back into reality. Before the tom knew it, he was minutes away from the RiverClan border. He wasn't sure if he would even find the cat hes looking for, but it was worth a shot just to get rid of the feeling in his stomach when he thought of what happened. Earthfang was one of the only cats to ever really enjoy his company and the raven warrior was planning on doing anything to keep her safe and to keep from something like that from happening to his little family again. He knew Crowkit wasn't his actual son, but he was close enough to it and that was all that really mattered. Coalgaze's bright, golden gaze glanced around at the land ahead of him in search of a golden tabby pelt. Another thought occurred to him while he was searching that made his heart feel cold. What if he died? Earthfang had already lost her first mate and the tom didn't want to have to put her though that again. And what about Crowkit? He would have to grow up without a father and since the clan knows he's not WindClan in the slightest, the surely wouldn't treat him or his mother very kindly if the dark warrior were to die. Shaking the dreadful through away, Coalgaze stopped in his place and stared off at the rippling river before him, taking shelter in a patch of tall grass as he waited for any kinds of life to emerge from the other side.

[ It basically varies based on what I received from the other. c: ]

| RP Status |

Comments: Sometimes~
Notes: Prefered. uwu
Skype: Close-friends only pls <3
Chats: n e v e r

[ rp tracker | heartchat | etc. go here ]

art and character © indesomniac</strike></strike>
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