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March 10, 2013
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The-Blue-Tides | Coalstar | Leader of WindClan by indesomniac The-Blue-Tides | Coalstar | Leader of WindClan by indesomniac
For :iconthe-blue-tides:.

I've been seeing this group appear in my news-feed a lot and it looks amazing, so I caved in and made a character.

5/9/13 Notice: I probably won't be very active as far a RP's go for a while, so please bear that in mind if I take a while to respond!
Update 7/2/13: Changed his age from 14 moons to 16 since time passes, and he hasn't really gone with it. //falls over
Update 10/11/13: Changed to the new application and will add the height chart soon.. would someone mind telling me what AV. stands for? ^^;
Update 2/15/14 : okay w o w Coal is now leader i did not expect this but okay and um... so i hit the size limit for the desc. what should i do for the bio?? it doesnt fit fff--

|| Basic Information ||

Current Name: Coalstar
Prefix: Coal : Named for his dark charcoal coloured pelt.
Suffix: Gaze [previous] : Named for his bright amber eyes which is the most noticeable and striking feature.
Suffix: Star : The given suffix for leaders of all Clans.
Previous Names: Coalkit, Coalpaw, Coalgaze.
Gender: Tom-cat [ Male ].
Age: 29 moons [ 2 years, 5 months ]. as of 6/30/14
Birthday: January 25, 2012.
Birth Season: Late winter.
Clan: WindClan
Rank: Leader.

Nine Lives: Patience [Crowfeather], Strength [Sandspot], Trust [Longtail], Determination [Mudclaw], Compassion [Fawnstar], Companionship [Onestar], Loyalty [Heathertail], Hope [Tallstar], and a Mothers Love [Rabbitear].
Lives Remaining: 9/9.

Past Mentor: Minkstreak - a sleek brown she-cat with dark streaks running down her back, connecting to her solid black tail.
Current Apprentice: No current apprentice.
Past Apprentice: Duskpaw - A large dark grey she-cat with dark flecks, a lighter underbelly and a stubby tail.

|| Physical Information ||

Breed: Domestic Shorthair Mix || Burmese - 40% | Bombay - 30% | American Shorthair - 20% | Unknown - 10%
Body Type: A sleek, lengthy tom with a very lean, though muscular build. His limbs are relatively long in comparison to his body size though not enough to make him appear gawky and awkward. His hind legs are strong and good for sprinting long distances across his territory and also quite good for jumping as well. His lean shape makes him quite aerodynamic and he would fair quite well in water if he knew how to swim.
Scars: Undecided.
Fur Description: Fur is short and close to his skin, giving him quite a compact look. Due to his short fur, he does not fair well in colder temperatures though his dark fur does help with that some. His fur is charcoal grey with darker pointed ears, legs, and tail. Texture wise, his pelt feels very sleek and smooth, though not quite oily like a RiverClanners.
Eyes: His eyes are a deep copper-golden mix [Coalstar has dichomatic eyes meaning they have two pigmentation within them].
Scent: While most cats from other clans would just say he smells of the generic WindClan scent, other WindClanners can describe it more as a softer scent with a hint of wet grass due to his spending so much time off in the fields by himself.

Voice: Quite deep and has an overall calming tone to it, even when irritated. While it is deep, his voice is not scratchy and flows like caramel, giving him a nice speaking voice. He doesn't portray much emotion when speaking, though when he does the most common ones are excited, irritated and cheeriness.
Example: N/A.

|| Stats ||

[ out of 30 ]

Strength: ●●●○○○○○○○
Attack: ●●●●●○○○○○
Speed: ●●●●●●●●○○
Endurance: ●●●●●●●○○○
Tactics: ●●●●●●●●○○

Swimming: ●●●●●○○○○○
Jumping: ●●●●●●●○○○
Climbing: ●●●●●○○○○○
Stealth: ●●●●●●●●○○
Herbal Knowledge: ●●○○○○○○○○
Kitting Knowledge: ●○○○○○○○○○

|| Personality ||

| Intelligent | Serious | Brave | Irritable | Calm | 'Often Lost in Thought' | Determined | Protective | Insomniac |

[ Intelligent ] "From the what I can tell, I can almost assure you there is another group waiting just beyond those hedges."
[ synonyms : quick-witted | perceptive | clever | bright ]

While his strength and social abilities are lacking, Coalstar makes up for them with his sharp wit and intellect. Though he's not good with conversation, Coalstar has the ability to sense a lot about a cat just by judging their motions and words making quite intuitive with who he knows he can trust. He is very observant and can often judge a situation just by a quick glance though he may incorrectly judge the emotion of it. This specific part of this trait had come in handy many a time with his mate, Earthfang, as during their first meeting, she had been crying over the death of her previous mate, Crowley, and accidentally ran into him [literally]. Instead of blowing his top as he generally would have, the tom quickly saw something was wrong and changed his approach to the situation. While pretty much every cat could have seen her crying, Coalstar took the time to listen and lend out a paw if she ever needed the help despite them being from different Clans.
This trait doesn't only apply to regular life but also in battle. As mentioned before, Coalstar is not very physically strong but his sharp intellect easily makes up for it. Combined with his impeccable speed, this tom is very quick on his feet and is quite a force to be reckoned with. Even before the battle starts, Coalstar is very good at tactics and is known for coming up with plans for his Clan to follow as while he trusts in their abilities, he is a firm believer in proper planning and would prefer for his Clan to not have to go into something blind. Unfortunately plans don't always go as planned but luckily for Coalstar, he can easily change his plans to adapt to a situation regardless of how rapidly it is changing.

[ Serious ] "Could you stop fooling around for ONE moment? Some of us are actually trying to do something."
[ synonyms : stern | business-like | honest | resolute ]

Coalgaze isn't that for messing around; he takes his business seriously. Almost too seriously sometimes. He has quite a dry sense of humor, and what humor he has, it may come off as a bit rude; so it can be quite hard making jokes with him. It's sometimes hard to tell when he's joking, because most of his jokes, as stated above, are hinted with a little bit of sarcasm; a trait some cats often mistake for rudeness.
Whilst faced with a dangerous or emotional situation, Coalstar was never well known for showing much emotion and generally keeps quite pokerfaced, though this is due to him wanting to appear strong for those around him. If you ever wanted to know the truth about yourself, this tom isn't against telling you the truth, though often he will lighten it a bit in order to avoid overly-hurt feelings. Over his time with his new family, he learned to be a bit more soft when it comes to the feelings of others. While he may appear cold, that is not the case and the tom does, in fact, care about the physical and mental well being of most everyone around him.
When is comes down to business, Coalstar was never one to dilly dally, even as an apprentice, and tries to get things done as quickly and efficiently as possible which can make him appear a bit intimidating at times, though when not on duty, he can be seen lazing around with his family which is probably the best time to confront him if one wished to create a bond with him.

[ Brave ] "There is nothing to be afraid of, it is just a little skirmish."
[ synonyms : hardy | courageous | chivalrous | gallant ]

Quick to think, Coalgaze is not afraid of charging into the heat of a battle. Even while on his paws, he can easily think of a plan even with the commotion of a fight around him. This trait could easily be mistaken for being headstrong, but Coalgaze knows when not to let his bravery get the best of him. Before doing anything which could be viewed as 'reckless', this deputy makes sure to try to calculate things as much as possible, though even this can end him up in a bit of trouble as even though his mind is fast, some cats act faster which can easily get him pinned down during a fight.
As mentioned before, this trait also does not just apply to battling. Even before his ranking to Deputy and later to Leadership, Coalstar was never afraid of making his opinion heard. As he does not like conflict, he knew when to keep his mouth shut, but when he felt the need, this tom was never afraid of letting his voice out and speaking his mind regardless of what the others may think of him. This trait should prove handy during gatherings as while he does not want a disturbance between the Clans, Coalstar does want his opinions and worries to be heard and he feels that goes above all else.
Since his mate came to join WindClan, Coalstar has become quite chivalrous towards others and will easily stand up for those he is protective of [see 'protective' trait for more information].

[ Irritable ] "Could you stop swishing your tail? SOME of us are trying to sleep."
[ synonyms : peevish | grouchy | hypercritical | perfectionist ]

While generally perceived with an aura of authority and calmness, Coalstar is also quite irritable; even to small things such as a subtle, constant noise in the background, a tail bumping into him repeatedly, or even a clanmate with an annoyingly high pitched voice. As an apprentice, his tempter got the better of him and the dark tom was known to verbally lash out at his fellow clanmates but over the years, he has learned to bottle his irritation and just let it go. However, there are still times where the irritation becomes to much and he will lash out but with his ever growing authority, Coalstar knows it is best to drop it for the sake of professionalism.
Though he does not lash out very often, Coalstar does, however, reply with seemingly rude or sarcastic comments to things he finds 'ridiculous', 'irritating', or 'just downright stupid'. These comments vary when it comes to severity but they generally are harmless and only may leave the other cat feeling a bit stung. Many cats, especially those within his Clan, call Coalstar quite 'grouchy' which used to get to him when he was younger but over the moons he's grown to joke about it with the rest of the crowed, tough generally his jokes are simply him being grouchy in a comedic manner.
Coalstar also tends to be a bit of a perfectionist and quite hypercritical of the things he and others do and has been known to micromanage from time to time. He gets this part of his personality from his father's side of the family who has always been known to strive for perfection or whats closest that they can get. When things don't go as planned or the way he would have liked to, Coalstar may get a bit angry with himself though after a bit of venting and ranting to his closer companions, he generally lets that go as well.

[ Calm ] "Hm? Oh. No, I'm not too worried about that."
[ synonyms : soothing | cool | levelheaded | kind ]

The biggest reason Coalstar isn't an unbearable prick is because of his aura of calmness which is undoubtedly his most prominent trait. While he is known to be a bit hot-headed and easily irked, this tom carries a sense of calm professionalism wherever he may be which very much helps when he's placed into unwelcomed situations such as a challenging cat who refuses to leave his territory or even during his first encounter with Earthfang when she was devastated over the death of Crowley. Instead of sharing her sense of panic as he kept his mind clear and did his best to comfort the panicked she-cat.
One of Coalstar's most favorable hobbies is going out into the moors by himself and gazing up at the sky which is another reason for his warrior name, Coalgaze. During these times, Coalstar clears his thoughts and processes all that is in his mind in order to put himself in the best mindset possible if something were to arise later on through the day. Generally, he does this sort of thing alone but if you are close enough to him and promise not to be too irritating, he'll considering bringing you along. Due to his calm disposition, Coalstar also is not one to start border skirmishes or the like and if he finds a cat close or across the border, his usual reaction is to question them for their reasoning and if they don't start anything, he will most often send them on their way. Because of this, other Clans may view him as a pushover, but in all reality, the tom just doesn't want to start any unnecessary drama.
One of the most appreciated parts of this trait is his soothing nature and ability to calm a cat when they are panicked or angry. So long as the other feline doesn't threaten him or someone close to him, Coalstar will usually treat them as he would a clanmate and offer what assistance he can before asking them to return to their homes.

[ 'Often Lost in Thought' ] "Oh, sorry. Could you repeat that? I really should stop letting my thoughts trail off like that.."
[ synonyms : deep-thinker | daydreamer | theorizer | --- ]

As he aged, Coalstar has taken it as a habit of his to start over-thinking things and breaking down situations to their smallest components which would be an alright thing for him to do if he could properly place his thoughts into words without looking like a total weirdo or making no sense at all. When place in a conversation, Coalstar has a tendency to think more than he speaks making the whole thing appear to be quite one-sided which is one of the biggest reasons the tom doesn't have many conversation partners, not that he minds all that much, of course.
Most times when he feels his mind begin to wander, Coalstar is able to get himself back on track and into reality so many a time the cat he is with is mostly unaware of his roaming thoughts. Of course, this isn't always the case and the tom could be caught off guard which can cause him to look quite rude.
Since he spends a lot of his time within this thoughtful state by himself, it puts the tom at risk for ambush and luckily nothing of the sort has happened yet, but the threat is still there and until something of the sort happens, Coalstar doesn't see himself stopping this potentially reckless habit of his [hint hint, wink wink].

[ Determined ] "No. I can do this."
[ synonyms : passionate | unfaltering | tenacious | stubborn ]

Ever since he was a young kit, Coalstar has been determined to do his best at whatever he did. His determination is what drives him to do everything he does at the best he could. This trait is probably where his little micro-manager persona comes from and is probably why he is as peevish as he is today. This attitude can make him come off as a little stubborn, but the tom generally knows when it's time to stop. At times, he can let his determination get the better of him which can land him with too much on his paws at a time but with some luck, this shouldn't happen too frequently.
This specific trait is what drove him to try to be the best father he could, and now the best leader he could be despite his young age. Some may say he was a bit audacious for taking the role as deputy and maybe a bit unlucky for the leader having died after such a short time in position as well as having a litter of kittens before even becoming 30 moons of age, but he wasn't afraid of the consequences of what came with it. Coalstar is set to prove that he can live up to his own expectations and also prove that even if you fall for a cat outside of your own, you can still do anything which seems to be a thing many clan born cats seem to forget. Whether this mindset comes from his own personal experiences or his grandfathers, Coalstar is set on that idea and doubts he would ever change.

[ Protective ] "You will back away now or there will be consequences."
[ synonyms : defensive | family-oriented | careful | guarding ]

Once he took the role of Crowpaw's father and took Earthfang as his mate, Coalstar became quite protective of his family and will spend most of his free time with them regardless if they're out and about or simply lounging around and listening to whatever tales Crowpaw has to spin from his previous training sessions with his mentor and with the newest addition of his four new kittens, Coalstar has even more of a reason to protect his Clan and family with his life. If anyone were to mess with those he loves, they best watch their backs. Although he knows better than to go after someone when he knows it would lead to an even worse outcome, he is not afraid of showing his authority and telling the other cat when it's time to back off and, if it came to it, showing the reason why StarClan had chosen him as leader. In a way, Coalstar somewhat believes his Leadership gave him an even better advantage when defending his ever growing family.
As a warrior, this tom was very lenient on who he found roaming WindClan territory and what they had to think of the clan in general, but now that he has assumed the role of deputy and now leader, his viewpoint on that has altered slightly. His defensive personality has now spread from not only loved ones but to his whole clan whether they're close with each other or not. He's not as fierce about guarding his clans reputation as his families but bad-mouthing WindClan around this feline may not be the best of ideas. Now that he is Leader and, in a sense, caretaker of the lithe warriors of the moors, Coalstar takes it unto himself to defend his Clan with honor and is not above proving the reason they are still around.

[ Insomniac ] "Hm? No. I haven't slept much lately. I'll be fine, though, don't worry about me."
[ synonyms : sleep-deprived | stressed | vigilant | astir ]

Ever since he was an apprentice, Coalstar has found it hard to sleep at night and is well known for taking long night strolls, usually resulting in him getting very minimal sleep each night and with the addition of the new found plague sweeping the territory, sleeping is becoming even harder to find within his daily schedule. With the birthing of his first litter and the sudden passing of the previous leader Fawnstar, Coalstar has been feeling a more astir than he has in his whole life. While he tries his best not to show how worried he is becoming, it may be becoming a bit more prevalent to those who know him best such as his littermates, mate, kits, and closer friends. Due to the development of this new trait, Coalstar can be seen more frequently within the barren moors trying to clear his mind and possibly tire himself enough to get some proper sleep. Because of his tight schedule as Clan Leader, Coalstar finds it a bit difficult to let himself take naps even if he really needs to, but if his Deputy or mate convinces him of it, the tom is not completely opposed to the idea. While this trait hasn't attributed to any bad outcomes as of yet, eventually his depriving of sleep is going to catch up to the tom which could result in disastrous effects.

[ Socially Awkward ] "Sorry, was I supposed to say something?"
[ synonyms : stiff | uneasy | gauche | weird ]

Since he was a young kit, Coalstar was never one for social interactions and tended to keep to himself despite his sisters' constant pestering. While he understands other cats motives and knows how to strategize in battles, one thing he never quite understood is how to hold a proper conversation without the other doing most of the work. Because of this fault, Coalstar never had many close friends growing up aside from his two sisters and his cousin, Adderbite, whom he still hardly spoke to and instead dedicated his life to roaming around, thinking about hypothetical situations and planning for things which probably would never happen.
This specific trait makes it quite difficult for the tom to verbalize what it is he is thinking or feeling which could prove to be a problem, and has in the past. One thing which he is most grateful for is his mothers uncanny ability to know what was troubling him or simply how to talk to him and also how easy it is for him to talk to Earthfang above all other cats. While since his warrior ceremony Coalstar has made more friends, he still does not feel very close to many of them and he occasionally wishes he were more like his sister, Frecklepelt, and was able to talk for hours with ease though he knows that if that were the case, he would not be the cat he is today.

[ Overall ]

Good traits:
- Intelligent.
- Calm.
- Brave.

Neutral traits:
- Serious.
- 'Often Lost in Thought'.
- Determined.
- Insomniac.

Bad traits:
- Protective.
- Irritable.
- Socially Awkward.

|| Sexual Information ||

Mate: Closed - Earthfang.
Orientation: Heterosexual.
Activity: Coalstar is obviously no longer a virgin as he has kits of his own with his mate.

Looking For:
- Quick Fling - X
- 'Dating' Though Not Mates - X
- Lasting Relationship - X

- Compassionate.
- Kind.
- Friendly dispositions.
- Any colour fur.
- Green eyes.
- Someone who can keep him grounded.

- Hyperactive.
- Reckless.
- Cats who are uncommitted to the relationship.
- Perpetually angry [that's his job].

|| Family Tree ||

[ if you would like to be related to Coalstar, please comment how they would be related and we can probably figure something out. please note that siblings are not going to be added but cousins, uncles, aunts, etc. are all a-ok ]

Mother: Rabbitear - a brown speckled she-cat with long shaded ears and amber eyes.
Father: Midnightfur - a lean, dark-grey tom with long-lanky limbs and bright golden eyes.

Sisters: Frecklepelt - a dusty-brown she-cat with long ears, dark freckles and friendly amber eyes.
Grasstail - a small brown she-cat with darker brown limbs and a long furred tail which trails behind her as she walks.
Brothers: None.

Aunt[s] [fathers side]: None.
Uncle[s] [mothers side]: Finchleap - a well-muscled, dusty coloured tom with pointed ears and a white underbelly.

Cousins [mothers side]: ... - ...

Aunt[s] [fathers side]: Jasminestep - a thin, off-black she-cat with bright sky blue eyes.
Uncle[s] [fathers side]: Breezepelt - a small and sleek black tom with scouring amber eyes.

Cousins [fathers side]: Adderbite - a large brown tabby tom with blue eyes and a spiky mane.

Grandmother [mothers side]: Dottedheart - a small speckled brown she-cat with spring green eyes.
Grandfather [mothers side]: Unknown - Dottedheart's mate was never disclosed to the Clan.

Grandmother [fathers side]: Nightcloud - a strong black she-cat with deep amber eyes.
Grandfather [fathers side]: Crowfeather - a small, sleek smoky grey tom with bright blue eyes and long limbs.

Mate: Earthfang - a dark brown she-cat with caramel markings and blue eyes.
Kits: Crowpaw - a dark grey tom-kit with darker markings, a white paw and blue eyes.
Berrykit - a small dark brown she-kit with darker spots and dark markings under her blue eyes.
Petalkit - a dark brown she-kit with tabby markings and a pointed face.
Puddlekit - a dark grey-brown she-kit with tortoiseshell markings on her tail and face.
Inkkit - a dark grey tomkit with tabby stripes, with lighter paws and a white tipped paws with a small white diamond on his forehead.

|| Biography ||

Since the description has reached the size limit Coalstar's bio has been relocated. Click here to view!

|| Relationships ||

:bulletpurple: = Family
:bulletyellow: = Respect :bulletyellow::bulletyellow: = Admire
:bulletblue: = Acquaintance :bulletblue::bulletblue: = Friend
:bulletgreen: = Good friend :bulletgreen::bulletgreen: = Best friend
:bulletpink: = Crush :bulletpink::bulletpink: = (forming) Love :heart: = Mate
:bulletblack: = Uncertainty :bulletblack::bulletblack: = Uneasiness.
:bulletred: = Discomfort/Dislike :bulletred::bulletred: = Hate
:bulletorange: Irritated/Annoyed by :bulletorange::bulletorange: = Jealous of
:bulletwhite: = Fear

X = No longer feels this way.
striked = Dead.

[ WindClan ]

:bulletpurple::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletyellow: | Rabbitear | NPC | Mother | "As embarrassing as it may sound, my mother was my best friend growing up. Even though I've never been very good at talking to others, she was always more than willing to talk to me and somehow knew when something was wrong. Never did I ever expect her to die this early, especially from some obscure plague.. I'll miss her forever and I can only hope she's watching from StarClan and she supports my decisions."

:bulletpurple::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletyellow::bulletyellow: | Midnightfur | NPC | Father | "My dad was always one of my biggest role models when I was a kit and I'm glad that I can make him proud. He's always been very family oriented and I'm grateful he and mom were so supportive when I brought Earthfang into WindClan and even more so when she had our litter. I can tell he's still grieving for mom.. We all are."

:bulletpurple::bulletgreen::bulletorange: | Frecklepelt | NPC | Sister | "Oh StarClan don't even get me started. She comes to me for all of her problems and wont keep her nose out of my business.. I mean, I'm not complaining or anything since if she didn't do any of that, no one else would. She's good company most of the time so long as you're alright with someone talking your ear off the whole day but she helps keep me grounded."

:bulletpurple::bulletgreen: | Grasstail | NPC | Sister | "Grasstail is a lot like our mom in the way she can just somehow tell when somethings bothering us but she's a bit more sarcastic in the way she talks. Unlike with Freckle, Grass and I can talk for hours about more deep subjects rather than idle class gossip."

:bulletblue: | Duskpaw | Justpeacheyy | Apprentice | "Duskpaw is my apprentice. I got her very late into her training due to her old mentor, Pondstars, death. She is very smart and quick to think. I'm glad I got to be her mentor for the past few moons."

:bulletblue::bulletblue: | Earthfang | SophSouffle | Mate | "I found her at the brink of tears soon after she found out her mate had died. I'm not the best to go to for comfort, but I was able to calm her down. I soon learned she was also expecting his cats. I hold a lot of respect for her, as a lot of cats wouldn't be able to go thought what she has and still manage to keep a smile on their face." He gave a slight smile. "I look forward to seeing her again, and hope everything goes well for her and her kits."
:bulletgreen::bulletyellow::bulletpink::bulletpink: | "We've been meeting for a while now and she's had her kit. From what she's told me, things have not being going too well for her in ThunderClan. We've talked about her and Crowkit coming with me to WindClan, but I'm worried about what Fawnstar would say. The Clan probably wouldn't quite enjoy there being a ThunderClan cat and her kit in camp with them, but I suppose it would be better for them staying alone in ThunderClan..."
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletyellow::heart: | "We finally grew the courage to ask for her to move into WindClan with me. Luckily, Fawnstar said yes. She is staying in the queens den with Crowkit, who I'm relieved to say looks at me as though I'm his father. Although cats are still giving her looks and gossiping about her being from ThunderClan, I'm sure they will get over it eventually. Sooner or later, the clan will find something else to chat about and Earthfang will be treated as anyone else in the clan."

:bulletgreen: | Crowpaw | SophSouffle | Adopted-son | "Crowkit is a strong little guy. I met him a few days after he was born. From what I can tell, he looks a lot like his father and took his namesake. Although I'm not sure how good of a 'father' I would be, I would be more than happy to help Earthfang look after him."
:bulletgreen::bulletpurple: | "So he's finally become an apprentice. It seems like only yesterday he, Earthfang and I were nestled up inside a hollow tree together as she hid from her old clan. I honestly can't believe he's growing up so fast.. I'm glad to see such a kind she-cat become his mentor, so that will help put both his mother and I's minds at ease."

:bulletgreen::bulletpurple::bulletblack: | Berrykit | indesomniac | Daughter | "She's my daughter and I love her but.. I'm worried for her. I know that she doesn't quite understand it, but her interests are a bit.. different than the others and while she's a very good kit, I don't know how accepting the other apprentices will be once she's older."

:bulletgreen::bulletpurple: | Petalkit | candysprites | Daughter | "Petal has a very spit-fire personality which quite reminds me of my own sister when we were younger. She loves listening to what I have to say about the clan while all the others don't seem to mind. From what Crow's said, he suspects her to be a hit with the toms, so I'm going to have to keep a watchful eye on her just in case."

:bulletgreen::bulletpurple: | Puddlekit | Sparrow-puff | Daughter | "Out of all the kits, I think Puddle may be the one to give us the most trouble; though I'm not saying that's a bad thing. She's very adventurous and doesn't seem to fear much of anything, I just hope that doesn't get her into too much trouble as she ages. From what I've seen her memory is remarkable despite her young age and I can just tell she's going to be a very quick learner."
"I-I can't believe she's gone... My daughter, my own daughter, is dead. She was never even able to become an apprentice.. All of the things she missed. The things she could have seen.. I can tell Earthfang and her siblings aren't taking it well and I have to be brave for them all. As much as I wan't to scorn StarClan for what they've done, I have a Clan to lead and a family to protect..."

:bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletpurple: | Inkkit | iDawnDusk | Son | "I see a lot of myself in Ink and I look forward to being able to patrol with him and Crow, though I'm not too sure if he's as excited about it as I am. He's not as open towards me as his sisters are and I believe he may even be a bit afraid of me. I understand where he's coming from, I suppose, but I wish we could be closer."

:bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletpurple::bulletorange: | Ashpaw | aviiation | Cousin / Friend | "Ashpaw is quite an interesting cat, that's for sure.. she quite reminds me of my sister in the way she often falls for many toms at a time, one of those times I was the cat she was fawning over, though thankfully those days are over. I'm sure that over time, she will shape up to be a fine warrior and will hopefully get over her tom-craziness."
:bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletpurple::bulletorange::bulletred: | "After she insulted my mate and criticized her for leaving ThunderClan to be with me in WindClan, she follows right after her and joins as well... Ever since that night, I've heard nothing but horror stories from both Earth and Crow about the things she has done to them and I'm not sure what Fawnstar was thinking when letting her join. She seems apologetic, but I'm not quite sure if I completely trust her or not. I'm going to try to give her the benefit of the doubt, but if anything happens, It's obvious who I'm siding with."

[ ThunderClan ]


[ RiverClan ]

:bulletblue::bulletblack: | Aspenwind | Miss-Smutty | Acquaintance | "He's a very.. interesting cat. We had to camp it out in a leaky bush while a thunderstorm raged outside. This would have been fine if he weren't so scared the whole time." The tom huffed. "I couldn't tell what he was more scared of, the storm or me."

:bulletblue: | Breezeflower | xBubblyTeax | Acquaintance | "She seems quite alright, but from what she's told me, her Clan sometimes gives her a rough time. She claims it's from her size, but I'm not sure how things work in RiverClan so I can't say for sure. She's very insecure, but I suppose that can't be helped. I hope she can get over her insecurities sometime, as I'm sure it would make her a better warrior in the long-run."
:bulletblue::bulletblue: | "We've met a couple of times, and I've found out she's become pregnant. I hope her clan will treat her better now that she's a queen, though from the stories she's told I'm not quite sure about that.. In any rate, I hope to continue seeing her around and do hope all goes well for her."

:bulletblack::bulletred::bulletred: | Tigersun | meap646 | Discomfort - Hatred | "This cat is absolutely nothing but trouble and it is only downhill from here. He had the audacity to attack not only my mate but our kit while she was out. Attacking another warrior is one thing, but attacking a defenseless kit? Now that is just pathetic. To be completely honest, it would be for the better of the clans if he were to be exiled, though he may just share the same mindset as the other past Tigers have and possibly attempt to take over a clan through fear... which wouldn't be all that surprising, now that I think about it."
:bulletred::bulletred::bulletblack::bulletblack: | "I have no idea what happened to Tigersun or the rest of his little family but I'm just glad they're all gone. They were more trouble than they were worth and I'm sure most cats agree."

[ ShadowClan ]

:bulletblue::bulletblue: | Squirrelpaw | gaygenetics | Friend | "Although she is quite mischievous, I don't mind having her around. It's nice having someone so playful around for a change, though I can't say our first meeting went very well.." His ears flattened. "Not only were we attacked by a mangy fox, but I had to carry her into WindClan camp on my back because otherwise, she probably would have died." He sighed and shrugged. "I guess some things just couldn't have been helped."

[ SkyClan ]

:bulletblue::bulletblack: | Thornblade | st0lensanity | Acquaintance | "We've only spoken once, but we didn't really speak much though that was probably my fault. I've never been very good at holding a conversation." The tom shrugged.

[ Non-Clan ]

:bulletblue: | Damian | shewolf321 | Acquaintance | "He's not too bad for a loaner. He doesn't seem to quite like the idea of clan life, but he's alright to talk to. I wouldn't mind speaking with him again if giving the chance."

:bulletblue::bulletblue: | Honey | tootflap | Friend | "I quite like being around this she-cat. She's very friendly, but doesn't overdo it. Unfortunately, we were attacked by a loose dog while we were laying down and getting to know each other, so our meeting was cut a little short. I hope to see her again sometime.
|| Extra Information ||

- Coalgaze isn't very good at keeping a conversation.
- Although he's easily irritated, he doesn't often lunge at a non-WindClan cat, even when they're on his territory.
- Coalgaze often goes on strolls around WindClan by himself, mostly at night.
- Since the plague started, Coalgaze has found himself getting less sleep than usual and his coat is dulling from stress and the undernourishment which comes with leaf-bare.

| Likes |
- Relaxing.
- Listening to rivers.
- Taking strolls.
- Wandering.
- His family.
- Bird watching.
- Storms.
- Rabbits [prey].
- Being alone.
- Nighttime.
- Stargazing.

| Dislikes |
- Being questioned.
- Large groups of cats.
- Disrespectful cats.
- Cats who pester him often.
- Cats who mess with those he cares most about.
- Winter [his pelt sticks out in the snow].
- Snakes.
- The Plague.

|| Roleplay Information ||

[ Sample ]

Leaving camp, the dark tom wondered if he were doing the right thing. Sure, Earthfang was going to worry when she awakes to find him not there beside her, but he knew he wouldn't feel better until he at least spoke with the cat who had terrified and attacked his family. Although he wouldn't admit it to anyone who asked, Coalgaze had never been in any large fights before and couldn't say he had any major enemies.. well, until now. Despite the fact he had never truly met the Tiger before, he has heard the stories and saw what kind of things he can do for absolutely no reason at all. Attacking a she-cat is one thing, but also threatening her young kit? That was taking things way too far, even for a cat with his kind of reputation. The tom continue padding through the tall grass, only accompanied by the soft, satisfying crunch the grass made as he pressed on. He tried to think back to the gatherings to recall if he had ever seen the battle-scarred cat and was able to remember the large tom quite well. Against the fact there were so many cats at the gatherings, Tigersun was always very easy to spot; his large, golden tabby figure sticking out like a sore thumb. Keeping his pace slow, Coalgaze though up multiple strategies he could use if things came to it. The tiger-like tom was surely twice his size or larger, so his hits would sting and possibly knock him off his paws, so the dark tom knew the only advantage he would have is his impeccable speed. He wasn't a very hard-hitter himself, but he figured he would be able to stand his ground so long as he avoided as many hits as possible. As he planned out tactics, his mind started to roam and shuddered at the thought of having as many enemies as the golden tom must have. He's obviously able to fend them off, but the black feline didn't want to think about what it would be like to worry about being attacked at any given moment.
A smooth, rushing sound echoed from the grasslands ahead of him as his mind was brought back into reality. Before the tom knew it, he was minutes away from the RiverClan border. He wasn't sure if he would even find the cat hes looking for, but it was worth a shot just to get rid of the feeling in his stomach when he thought of what happened. Earthfang was one of the only cats to ever really enjoy his company and the raven warrior was planning on doing anything to keep her safe and to keep from something like that from happening to his little family again. He knew Crowkit wasn't his actual son, but he was close enough to it and that was all that really mattered. Coalgaze's bright, golden gaze glanced around at the land ahead of him in search of a golden tabby pelt. Another though occurred to him while he was searching that made his heart feel cold. What if he died? Earthfang had already lost her first mate and the tom didn't want to have to put her though that again. And what about Crowkit? He would have to grow up without a father and since the clan knows he's not WindClan in the slightest, the surely wouldn't treat him or his mother very kindly if the dark warrior were to die. Shaking the dreadful through away, Coalgaze stopped in his place and stared off at the rippling river before him, taking shelter in a patch of tall grass as he waited for any kinds of life to emerge from the other side.

[ or longer depending on if I'm in a rut or not and depending on what the other gave me to go off of. ]

[ Status ]

Notes : Usually.
Skype : Usually.
Comments : For non-serious matters, sure.
Chats : Rarely Ever

Character and Art © indesomniac
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